We are Six missing chairs


An independent London-based Production Company. 

We make short films, music videos and commercial content.

Our development arm can work with you to develop scripts and original content. 

Our Production team  can adapt to any production needs big or small. 


For Script Enquires: scripts@sixmissingchairs.co.uk

For all other general enquires please contact: contact@sixmissingchairs.co.uk


P.S If anyone finds our missing chairs please email found@sixmissingchairs.co.uk
(Please include GPS coordinates)



What kind of name is "Six Missing Chairs"?

Great Question. Let me tell you a story...

When playwright Sebastian Garbarek debuted his now celebrated 'Sanctus de Credo' at Cafe Vissinghe’s in Belgium in 1889, it was a very modest affair. Garbarek cajoled the cafe manager to lend his space to his acting troupe after closing hours, even though the cafe could only seat a handful of patrons.

Garbarek invited friends, family and critics believing no one would show up. Not many did, but they were quickly over capacity, and soon there were six unhappy patrons with nowhere to sit. They were: Garbarek's wife, a cutthroat critic, a grandfather and son, a foreigner and the cafe manager. Garbarek nervously joked that if the play wasn't good enough within the first ten minutes, they were all welcome to leave and take a seat in a warmer, finer establishment.

The six standing patrons stayed until the bitter end. The story was so good they didn't care about the missing chairs. Ever since, the 'Six Missing Chairs' have represented that a good story should appeal to: your loved ones, the industry, the generations before and after you, the stranger, the people supporting you.

Written by Alex Moran