Unexpected item

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Unexpected item

Short FIlm - Sometimes you get more than you pay for, but life advice from a self service check out, is probably the strangest deal you'll get in the supermarket today.

Starring Jamie Blackley, Isabella Laughland, Andrew Ellis and Olivia Colman

Director Stephen Gallacher

Writer Chris Croucher

Producer Sashi Arnold

Director of Photography James Leigh

Production Designer Lisette ‘Pixie’ Lawrie

Editor Josh Mallalieu



Habit - Commercial

Directed by Olly Ginelli

Produced by Rob Pisacane

BTS Created by Dan McKenzie-Cossou

Created by Dan McKenzie-Cossou

Get in touch with him here: info@danzack.com

See more of his stuff here: https://vimeo.com/danielmckenziecossou

Not The Devil

Andrew, A lonely teenager living on a council estate develops a powerful obsession with a transgendered woman and risks everything to enter her life..

Starring Victoria Elizabeth & Jamie Rose

Co-Production between Six Missing Chairs & Mini Productions

Directed by Siobhan Schwartzberg

Produced by Sashi Arnold

Executive Producers:

James Dean

Stephen Webb

Tim Warmath 

Sara Huxley

April Kelley

Director of Photography: Daniel Morgan


Prince Harming

Currently in Post-Production.

Tom is in love with his flatmate, Fanny. He's kept his feelings to himself for 3 years, tonight he's going to tell Fanny how he really feels, only he couldn't have picked a worse night to come clean.

Simon Ginty & Emma Cohen

Written & Directed by: Irina Nedelcu

Produced by: Sashi Arnold

Director of Photography: Ben Ransley

'Stories & Rhymes'

Jasmine Power

Music Video


The Call

Short Film - 6 mins

Alice Bonifacio & Tim Barlow

Produced by: Sashi Arnold

Director of Photography: Ben Ransley


This Time Next Year

Short Film - 15 mins

Holli Dempsey

Directed by: Will Jewell (Fractured Films)

Produced by: Daniel Nixon

Director of Photography: Dominic Jones

Edited by: Sashi Arnold

Lewes Bonfire

Directed by Will Jewell (Fractured Films)

Edited By Sashi Arnold